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Raising Capital
Deju Management Advisors is not a broker or a securities dealer and is not involved directly in capital raising activities, however its principals have prior experience with the process of raising capital and can help orient the Company's clients with management advice regarding potential financial alternatives. We can assist start ups, midsize companies and larger companies involved with both domestic and multinational operations. We are associated with major angel investors and equity firms.

Company principals have prior experience in:
  • Managing public multibillion dollar companies including financing:
  • Road shows on various types of offerings;
  • Large corporate debt offerings, public company equity and corporate bonds;
  • Evaluation of capital activities;
  • IPO's and secondary offerings;
  • Fund raising and coinvesting in regional and international venture funds; and
  • The sale and acquisition of over 70 businesses both domestic and international.
Our advisory services are provided to all size of companies in a variety of disciplines.