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Planning and Training
Our staff has a broad range of experience. This experience is valuable in our consulting services. Prior to joining Deju Management Advisors, Inc. the company principals have been involved with the planning and execution process to launch a number of companies including a technology offering on the West Coast, a roll-up consolidation of basic raw materials companies throughout the U.S., the roll up of a company entering a new segment of the energy market, growth in the construction products sector and in companies in the environmental and clean energy sector.

Since 2004 the Company has been involved with the process to launch a major ethanol producing facility in the Midwest including the analysis needed to proceed with the project and secure partner financing. The Company has also been involved with a number of other energy projects and a major multibillion dollar roll-up in the nuclear services sector. The Company has conducted a number of training seminars regarding Sarbanes-Oxley as well as carrying out various management assessments. Our staff is also versed in evaluating special situations requiring management attention within a diverse group of companies including workouts. Our company conducts business reshaping consulting in a broad spectrum of companies. We have provided extensive consulting in the nuclear and alternative energy sectors.

Our training services have included standardized, company proprietary and specialized (specifically-tailored) training in the areas of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, management, sustainability, business reshaping, venture creation, investment management and corporate ethics. We have a multi-lingual training capability. We also specialize in training programs to improve customer service support.