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Tim Cook's Comments to MIT's 2017 Grads

Tim Cook, truly one that fits the mold of “He has Mojo” truly gave great advice to the class of 2017 at MIT. In his address he said “The Internet has enabled so much and empowered so many. But it can be a place where the basic rules of decency are suspended and pettiness and negativity thrive... Don’t listen to the trolls, and for God’s sake don’t be one, ...measure your impact on humanity not in likes, but in the lives you touch. Not in popularity, but in the people you serve.” I could not have said it better. Values do matter. Spread the word.
Better Schools and Sensible Immigration are Keys to America’s Future (March 5, 2017)
American economic and social policies can rebuild our country much the same way Silicon Valley continues to rebuild itself as a magnet for innovation, and economic growth. America’s freedom attracts the best of the best in the entire world. Yes, I am an immigrant. I have lived here for over 56 years and I have lived and continue to live the American dream (read my book We Got Mojo!).

While I agree with creating an economic and regulatory climate that fosters growth and innovation, new manufacturing, and great prosperity, there are two absolutely necessary anchors to our future success.

First, our schools need to graduate out of high schools, tech schools and colleges highly relevant, excellent quality graduates to fill the jobs of today and the future. Mediocrity cannot be tolerated. I urge educators to re-examine the purpose of education in a growing economic environment. Our graduates should not be mired in dead-end careers with huge educational loans to repay to boot. Our high schools and colleges need to become more relevant and do so quickly. This is a challenge that will be easier said than done but it is indeed crucial. Parents, teachers, unions, government and alternative schools need to work together rather than fight.

My message to parents is to fight for the best education for your kids as ultimately this is the most important contribution you can make to them. Second best is not good enough today. Teachers unions, my message to you is to be part of the solution in a new world and with new ideas. Past approaches will not likely work now or in the future.

Second, we need an intelligent merit based immigration policy. We need to bring the best of the best in the world to fill the positions that American businesses cannot fill with American labor alone. Let’s turn America again into a true magnet of talent by developing an intelligent and efficient immigration policy that attracts the best in the world especially when such talent is not readily available within our own shores. Let’s verify that our immigrants have good intentions but let’s not take forever to process them.

Efficient intelligent immigration policies, educational realignments in our schools to produce better, more relevant graduates and economically supportive business policies coupled with better border security and a pathway for immigrants living here without any crime albeit not having legal entry papers will bring dignity and growth to America again. We can all get behind that as it represents the true American spirit.

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