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In the winds of polarization plaguing our country, this book provides a breath of fresh air. Through the concept of "decisional gradualism" Planet in Conflict strives to achieve a balance between energy production, economic growth, social justice, and environmental quality. Planet in Conflict provides a clear description of the conflicted issues regarding energy production and environmental protection and offers many opportunities for compromises and optimism. The authors also lead you to seven detailed steps to achieve a balance among the various issues. It is an interesting read for decision makers, thoughtful members of the public and students. It challenges them to, one step at a time, come to a middle ground that brings energy availability, planet sustainability and social equity together into an ever improving state. Just as timely today as when it was written!

Planet in Conflict: Balancing Energy Needs, Economic Growth and Environmental Quality by Raul Deju and Tapan Munroe, 217 pp, 2013.

Selected Reviews

“Deju and Munroe have thoughtfully created a masterwork of insight about the state of the world and the opportunities and challenges that we share as a planet. This is a must-read book for the 21st century!” Mark C. Thompson New York Times Bestselling author.

“Transformative breakthroughs are typically interdisciplinary in nature. Deju and Munroe build on this principle beautifully in this compelling new book” Bill Wiersma, Bestselling author “The Power of Professionalism” and other titles.